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About Us

We are a small design agency
based in Worthing
– Let’s get stuck in to what
we’re about!


Riot Creative is a small, fresh thinking design agency offering clients up-to-date design and development skills that are realistically priced and sure to cause a reaction.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, an individual, group or charity organisation, we can offer innovative solutions for identity, branding, web and print (see Services for a detailed list).

We have a portfolio of local, national and international satisfied clients from a range of sectors. Our dedication to results with an impact can help to create either a new, effective image for your company, refresh an existing style or simply provide designs to comply with an already successful brand.

Riot Creative is located in the up-and-coming seaside town of Worthing. This growing town, here by the sea, provides exciting anticipation of things to come. We apply this same appreciation to how we design and develop; blending the best of past experiences, current trends and innovation to provide the most effective solutions to be seen shouting loud above the crowd.

Our ethos

Business minded
We’re not just geeks! We run a business too, and we know what it is you need to think about with your website or print material. If you run a web or print based campaign, we will both help you realise it to the highest standard, but also offer you our own support and help to make that campaign as effective as possible.

Mission impossible
We know that ultimately, anything is possible in design and development. If you think your job is too complex or crazy to be affordable or even feasible, just try us first, you might be surprised! Whether you want to reinvent your company or realise an idea, we can help.

Common sense
We want your website to look as innovative and interesting as possible and your printed material to stand out. However, we fully understand the power of familiarity and clarity – people don’t want to learn how to drive all over again at each new website and want to know what the point is when they see a brochure or advert. We strive to find the perfect marriage between innovation and standards, ensuring our work is both clever and usable.

Clear pricing
We’re not going to charge you £500 to fix a leaky tap! Anything we price up, we fully explain the underlying costs so you can see exactly where your investment is going and any costs that may come up in the future. Your budget matters and we understand that sometimes it’s a tight call, we will work hard to work to the budget you have or help find ways of being more efficient with it so it can stretch a little further. We aim to be competitive but realistic; you won’t be left with something that doesn’t work even if price tag seems a little too good to be true.

Ethical and efficient
We are honest with what we charge and if we can get it for free then you will get it for free too! We don’t work from an office, with overheads, we work from home so we can continue to keep the costs down so you don’t have to keep that extra roof over our heads. We also only charge you for the time we spend working, although we would love to charge you for our tea breaks we know that it just wouldn’t taste so sweet. We only outsource locally when needed and we aren’t set on being the biggest company that came to be just for the sake of it – we want to be sustainable, efficient and cost-effective so that our aims to provide you with the best service and price are easily achievable.

We won’t keep you waiting
We time manage very well so you aren’t kept waiting and we love pushing ourselves to hit a target! We can have all your branding & identity designed, your print material printed and your website up and running in a week if we have to and we put timescales on our quotes so you know how long it’s going to take to see results before committing to anything.

We can talk the talk, but we’re not about to bog you down with techno-babble. We want you to get the best out of our services both in terms of what you want and what we feel might benefit you. To understand what you want, we need to be able to listen and explain our thoughts comprehensively and understandably. Equally, we need to be pro-active in explaining to you what the possibilities are and what all the terms mean so you know exactly what it is you’re getting.

Finally, love!
We love business. Whether you’re starting up your business, looking to expand or revamp, we want to get involved and feel that buzz with you. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re passionate about your business and its success. We don’t want to just create something and leave; we want you to continue working with us throughout your growth so we can grow and learn with you. We want to build our relationships because the better we know you, the better we can help.

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