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4 SafeNet web banners

  Following SafeNet’s branding we created 4 web banners. Here is an example of one of them (original size 728px/90px):  


FICO banners and html email template



RSA web banner

  Following RSA’s branding we created a web banners. Here is an example of one of them (original size 728px/90px):  


The CSC interactive display pods

  Using our interactive Flash skills we were sourced by HN Marketing to create six interactive presentations for individual touch screen info kiosks on display in the Gherkin building in London. If you would like to see one in action we can send you a presentation on request.  


The CSC Dynamic Desktop flash advert

  HN Marketing asked us to create a Flash advert for CSC’s Dynamic Desktop. The presentation was on display throughout the CSC offices and in total it was viewed by over 8000 people. Since creating the first version of the flash advert CSC underwent a re-brand and we were then asked to create a new […]


A VeriSign web banner

  For VeriSign’s Access Anywhere, Protection Everywhere email campaign we were asked to design their email mailer and an online flash banner by HN Marketing. We can send you the full flash banner on request.  


A Cisco PowerPoint presentation

  In August 2007 we worked with HN Marketing to create a PowerPoint presentation using embedded flash. We also created a version from the flash one where most of the animations were re-created using only the animation abilities of PowerPoint. Both versions of the presentation were controllable using the standard click functionality to go through […]

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