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Event Expert


Riot re-designed the Event Expert logo in 2009 and this year we were asked to design them a new simple website based around the branding of that logo.

Event Expert home page


In conjunction with Gloo Communications Ltd, We have been working on a number of things for We have been working with them continuously over the past year to design and develop the sites user-interface, the company logo, business cards and fortnightly email publications. Please see below for some examples. Website shot Website shot Website shot Fortnightly Email Publication Business Card Front


The Private PA .com


Riot developed the html and css of the WordPress template design for the new Private PA website from a Photoshop file. From there Gloo Communications are continuing the development, building content and managing the website. This site should be going live in the next few months (currently the old site is still live). Here is a screenshot of template design we created:

The Private PA homepage example


Richard Ward projects throughout 2010


Riot has been working with Gloo Communications on projects for the celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward and his wife Helen. In 2010 we started working on the branding and product design for their new hair care range ‘Couture Hair’, released for sale on QVC in 2010, and ‘Couture Seasons’ which is coming soon. Along with this product design Riot and Gloo developed and designed their website:, and

Richard Ward's Couture Hair product range

Richard Ward website example page 1Richard Ward website example page 2

My Couture Hair website example page 1My Couture Hair website example page 2My Couture Hair website example page 3

Salon Accounts holding page


CSC work throughout 2010


Riot has worked on lots of projects for CSC, with HN Marketing, since we started in 2007. As most of the projects aren’t in the public domain we are limited on what we can show you. We’ve been working on flash adverts, PowerPoint presentations, whitepapers, brochures, booklets, emails, invitations, diagrams, web icons, web banners, video editing, tickets and commemorative guides. Yes we’ve been busy thanks to HN Marketing. Below are a few snap shots of things we can show you.

Whitepaper and brochure front covers:

CSC cover 1CSC cover 2CSC cover 3CSC cover 4

Ascot ball tickets and cover of the commemorative guide of the evening:

CSC ticketCSC Commemorative Guide cover


4 SafeNet web banners


Following SafeNet’s branding we created 4 web banners. Here is an example of one of them (original size 728px/90px):



Darren’s Hair .com


Darren's booking website example page 1Darren's booking website example page 2Darren's booking website example page 3


Wet Paint Productions – ‘InCANdescent’ for White Night Invitation


'InCANdescent' for White Night Invitation'InCANdescent' for White Night Invitation


Filipe Canha .com


Filipe Canha's portfolio website example page 1Filipe Canha's portfolio website example page 2Filipe Canha's portfolio website example page 3


Verizon CBI Conference Invitation


'Verizon CBI Conference Invitationn

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