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What is branding?

Branding is what makes something instantly recognisable in the design sense. For example: your company, organisation or just you, may need a logo so that when that logo is on anything that object becomes branded as something which came from you. Your branded business cards and letterheads makes your company familiar to the public.

Branding can include anything that is repeated on different things so the logo, a set colour scheme, selected fonts or even the signature way a photo should look so that every time you see one of your photos you feel what it is repressing beyond the subject matter. Some of the branding for the company is physical and some of it is conceptual for example a logo is something that can physically be seen and something conceptual could be how you want people to feel when in the presence of your company and its branding – a logo of a cat for a company who specialises in dog collars may have a logo but it wouldn’t be sending out the right message. We can help you to realise the look and feel of your branding and as well as giving the hands on help with designing things we can help make sure that it’s focused in the right direction for you too.


What is identity?

Identity is all of the things that show others who you are. Think of it like your driver’s licence, it tell someone else, who doesn’t know you, what your identity is – much like a business card. It’s your identity and with the branding attached it’s your identity with that visual extra that says where you are from and who you are representing beyond yourself. It’s the letter that is received in the post with the branded logo, colour scheme and unique font all over it which tells me who it was from before I even see the company name or its content. Identity covers all of the ‘things’ you need to have your branding on to make it stick!

When you mix your branding with your identity, along with some information you could get a website or a brochure.

Add everything up that has been detailed above and you get what makes you or your company work!

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