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What comes under the heading multimedia?

What does multimedia presentations even mean? – simply put: things on your computer that move about when viewed, a bit like an animation but some can be more like TV adverts or even interactive. Here is a list of the services we offer under this category and if there is anything else you need which isn’t listed give us a call.

  • Flash animations for websites – e.g. banners, headers, introductions etc.
  • Flash websites – we class this under multimedia presentations because a flash website acts very differently to a standard website and is not always the best idea for company sites. Websites advertising single products where it needs to look like an interactive TV advert would benefit from having part or full flash implementation.
  • Flash presentations – need an advert made up in a format which can be used either on computers, projectors, TV screens or the web? We can make anything move about (including videos and music) using flash.
  • PowerPoint presentations – We can make you static or animated PowerPoint presentations for example: you need to do a presentation for your company and you need to use PowerPoint, rather than something like Flash, but want it to stand out and look amazing – because let’s face it there are some very boring company PowerPoint presentations out there making people fall asleep every minute – we can help keep those eyes open! We can also provide PowerPoint templates so that you can use the cool designs over and over again and keep the constancy of your companies branding in them as well.
  • Finally on this list: interactive Flash presentations – got a touch screen display in the middle of the office reception or at an event and need something that will play like an advert until pressed and then come to life giving the viewer the ability to interact with it and decide what they want to look at? They could click around the screen viewing company information, additional photos, interviews with the event holders and videos and then when they go – the advert starts up again. Anything is possible so give us a call, let us know what you need and let’s have a chat about the best way to make it happen.

Emails, newsletters & mail-outs

Getting information out there.

As well as being able to design you an email signature, to put the finishing touches on your message, we can also provide editable email templates which can be used for your newsletters or put together the design for full mail-outs detailing your latest product or the current big thing. Contact us for any information regarding electronic communication.

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