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Web design

What is web design?

Web design is the look and feel of a website or webpage, it’s the way it’s laid out and is what shows the browser it’s your website they are looking at.

Once you have your branding sorted out (logo, colour scheme, font etc.) then it’s the web designers job to make the look and feel of the website match that of your branding. It’s also the job of the designer to find out what’s needed on your website or webpage and create the design of the template – visually. Where will the navigation go? what sections are needed on each page? and how are they going to look? Overall it’s the visual design of a website as if you were to take a photograph of each page – it won’t work dynamically, you won’t be able to click on any buttons and go from section to section but you will be able to see what the browsers see when they load up the pages of your site.

Usually this service is connected with the development of a website (see below for the description) but we are able to come up with a design for you without making the whole thing work online. This service on its own would be useful if you wanted someone else to develop your website but needed a good design to start out with.

Some of the more common software we would use for this is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Web development

What is web development?

Web development, or web coding, is what makes everything work online – it’s all code telling your browser (like Firefox or Internet Explorer) what images and design to show you. For example when you see an image on a website the code is saying to your browser “go get this image from this folder and display it here, this size with this border” etc. Obviously it gets much more complicated than that but simply; everything you see online is a piece of code, which looks like a foreign language, telling something somewhere to do something and show you!

There are many types of coding languages just like there are many different languages, some of these codes will only work with other codes of the same language and so if you have a website made in ‘PHP’ (one language type) or ‘ASP’ (another language type) then you are going to want a developer who speaks the right language to work on that site. If you are starting from scratch with your website then we will pick the developers and the languages that best suits what your site needs and if you have pre-existing coding requirements then we can find the right developer for you. You may also need your website to be database driven so that the content of each page is picked up from the database rather than from the static webpage content. It’s all possible!

As mentioned above we can provide this service along with the web design to create a fully functioning website or if you provide us with a design we will code it up for you and make it work.

Some of the more common software we use for coding is Notepad, Notepad2, Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Website features

What features can your website have?

The web is a strange and wonderful place with everything growing and evolving, we aim to be able to provide you with any features you need.
You name it and we can make it, be it anything from a single webpage, that contains only text and images, to a fully dynamic website with shopping carts, huge photo galleries, even fully functioning social networking facilities. Anything and everything is really possible!

How do we do this? We have a very talented close community of designers and developers working with Riot Creative to provide you with every service you need. If we don’t already have someone here or at the end of the phone who can accomplish what you need then we will spend the time searching out the right guy or gal so you don’t have to! Every time we are pushed to our limits we grow as a company and our workforce gets bigger and brighter with it so come on – bring on the challenge!

Content management (CMS)

Keeping your site updated.

Another little extra – All of our websites are made content manageable and we implement this feature for free using a free online tool* because websites need to be updated and you shouldn’t have to pay someone to do this just because you don’t know how to edit the code! This way you know that when your phone number changes or when something is no longer the latest thing you can change it as easily as writing an email or editing a letter on your computer you don’t have to charge yourself anything to do so – unless you want to of course!

* Please note there are limits to what content you will be able to manage using the free tool we implement into the sites we make. You will only be able to edit areas on pages that have already been made by us and you won’t be able to add sections or add new pages. For a clear answer to whether something you require can be easily content managed using this free tool, and therefore be provided as a free service, please contact us.

For static websites (simply where the pages stay the same and no new ones are added, therefore only the content of the existing pages may need changing) we use Cushy CMS which is a free online tool. The editor is very simple to use and allows you to edit blocks of text or sections of your site easily. For more complex websites you can pay to have a custom built content management system (CMS) made specifically for the needs of your website or now you could have a WordPress designed website with many free features included.

Since the summer 2009 we have started to offer the service of WordPress powered websites which means you can have more editing capability and lots of additional free features as standard in the website we build for you without it breaking the bank. As WordPress has so many features we recommend that you give us a call so we can talk you through how it works and if it’s suitable for what your website needs. Have a read of our opening blog for a little more insight into whether WordPress is for you, this site was built using it so that’s something else to take a look at!

If, however, you need someone else to keep on top of updating your websites whereby you send over an email with pictures etc. we can arrange that too

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Websites need to be found!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is simply how the coding and content within your website works together to make it easy for search engines, like Google, to read what’s in your site. The better the search engine can compile and store the keywords or key-phrases that are important and accurate in your website, and also the relevant websites you link to and who links to you, the better the search engine will be able to find your website in its databases when someone makes a search. There is a lot to it and search engines are constantly updating how they search website content and so you have make sure you do it properly and keep the content of your website up to date and relevant to what keywords and key-phrases you want your website to be found by.

We provide a basic SEO service for all of the websites we create. This means that all of the code will be put in and, with guidance, you will be able to provide all the information needed to be found. If the content of your website is unique then this level of SEO will be enough to get some great results. If your website content has a lot of competition then we can provide a more in depth service, once the website is complete, which consists of some investigation into your competitors and any additions and changes that need to be implemented into your website. This is a long term service as the website rankings would need to be looked at and tested every few months to make sure your site is reaching its potential and any changes made as needed.


Does your site need to make money?

We can implement simple purchasing buttons like the PayPal ‘Buy it Now’ buttons all the way up to building fully functioning e-commerce websites. Prices vary greatly so give us a call to discuss what you need and we and we can sort out a quote for you.

Any extras?

There is so much going on around the web that trying to condense everything onto one webpage means lots has been left out. We can implement Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google AdSense among many other services and we can find the right brains if you need some custom application built. Get in touch and we can sort it out for you.

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